Central Marin Lacrosse Club officially joins the WBLL

The Board of Directors is excited to announce that by a 7-0 vote the Central Marin Blue Jays were admitted as a fully participating member of the West Bay Lacrosse League. Central Marin originally participated as a non-voting member in the WBLL B-Division in the spring of 2021.

Having played many of the WBLL clubs in the 2021 spring season and given the close proximity to Ross Valley LC, Novato LC and Southern Marin LC, the decision to join the WBLL aligned well with the goals of Central Marin. The Blue Jays are dedicated to promoting the game of lacrosse in San Rafael, CA and town based lacrosse as a whole. 

The WBLL founding clubs are excited for this expansion and look forward to great games in the years to come.