About WBLL

West Bay Lacrosse League (WBLL)

The members of the founding clubs are establishing the West Bay Lacrosse League (WBLL) to grow the game locally, foster competitiveness, support new players, and ensure that local clubs are empowered to spread the joy of the game in cooperation with each other. 

We firmly believe that diversity in all areas strengthens our collective experience. We are committed to ensuring that we reflect the wide range of people who make up our communities in all levels of our organizations. We will encourage and seek out new players who come from underrepresented groups and work hard to create a culture that centers diversity, equity, and inclusion, allowing all members at the varying levels of our organization to feel welcome and supported.


Proposed start and end dates for the season are tentative. Our goal is to ensure kids can play the game safely; we’ll need to be flexible because of COVID. The WBLL will comply with all local and state safety guidelines when proceeding with the season. 

Anticipated Start Date: March/April

Anticipated End Date: Weekend of May 22nd

Teams & Levels

The League will make every effort to ensure that teams play those of a similar skill level. The League aims to foster competitive play at the highest level, and provide a fertile environment for skill development at the B/C level.

Team structure will be based on school grade: 14U (grades 7-8), 12U (grades 5-6), 10U (grades 3-4), and 8U (grades 3 and below), with the intention to move toward single-grade teams as the League matures.

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